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With leadership having over 25 years of industrial experience, we know how industrial maintenance support can quickly become a critical part of the service team. AllService Plumbing and Maintenance Inc. has the safety record and training that will make it easy when selecting a contractor for plumbing support services.

From new plumbing facilities or renovations to laboratory gas and fuel oil piping, we can provide these service and more. Other services include water supply protection, fire water supply piping, lift stations and small treatment plants.

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Water Supply Disinfecting

Safe drinking water is extremely important to all of us.  AllService Plumbing & Maintenance have in place the materials, equipment, and trained personnel to disinfect water supplies for homes, businesses, or institutions.  Our written procedures comply with the Department of Health and Hospitals published guidelines. 

Most facilities can be taken through the disinfection process in one day.  Others may require more time due to 1) the lack of entry ports for total disinfection and 2) the number of water storage tanks connected to the domestic water system.

Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

When the need arises to verify the available water pressure and flow rate for future improvements to a site, AllService Plumbing and Maintenance is equipped with gauges and flow measurement equipment.  Gathered data can be presented in table as well as graphical form.

Back Flow Preventers

In addition to being a state licensed plumbing contractor for all of your commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential projects, AllService Plumbing and Maintenance’s Water Supply Protection Department provides new backflow preventers, makes repairs, and provides annual testing.  The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 set maximum contaminant levels for public water systems.  Our experience and training can assist with determining the appropriate water supply protection device to use in specific applications.

Underground Line Locating

Often utility providers' responsibilities stop at the servitudes and their underground locating services will not assist with locating extension of services into the improved properties.  When improvements are required and projects are on hold for the lack of knowledge regarding “what’s underground”, the location of the owner extended utilities are most important. 

AllService Plumbing & Maintenance possess equipment to assist with locating utility service lines and can help reduce lost time due to the lack of knowledge surrounding existing underground utility service routing.